Hem P Svenska To Jamines Kebab
Cucumber Á la bazaar

Like a tzatziki but with the extra taste of mint.

Recept fÖr ca 4 personer:

Garlic yoghurt Á la Önder

Önder's little red sauce

Coleslaw Á la Bazaar

Hamburger dressing from Ankara

Köfte with tomato sauce– Special

Shish köfte with pitta bread

Cucumber yoghurt Á la Bazaar


Wrap with chicken kebab and hummus
Cucumbers, peeled and scooped out
Turkish yoghurt, thick 10%
Cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper
Mint, fresh
Olive oil


2 dl
1 pinch
½ jar

To serve: Lemon, pitta bread

Grate the cucumber and squeeze out the water with your hands or through a sieve. Mix the cucumber, yoghurt and crushed garlic and flavour with a little salt and pepper. Add chopped fresh mint to taste. Garnish with olives and a little fine olive oil.

Önder's TIP:
"When the lemons are not as sun-ripened as they can be in the Mediterranean I usually help out. I divide them and grill the cut surface. They then taste sweet – even sun-ripened. Grilled lemons are fantastic with everything grilled: vegetables, meat and fish."