Hem P Svenska To Jamines Kebab

In the factory

Thanks to a number of innovations, Kebco Kebab Company has facilitated fully automatic, efficient, contamination-free production of thin, even-sized and evenly grilled kebab pieces. 
It takes four minutes from minced meat to finished product, by which time it has undergone shaping, grilling and chilling to
-3°C. In a traditional döner the meat is grilled unevenly, and the inside parts tend to get dry. The Kebco process™ creates evenly grilled, juicy kebab pieces.   

ADVANTAGES OF THE Kebco process™
• No risk of contamination.
• From minced meat to ready-packaged product in four minutes of efficient production time.
•Up to 250°C heat treatment.
•Cook and Chill – Chilling in two minutes. The legal requirement is four hours.