Hem P Svenska To Jamines Kebab

More about kebabs


If you order kebabs in Turkey you understand nothing. Kebab is actually a blanket term for grilled meat, and you have to specify what you want to eat.

Döner literally means rotation, and that is often what we get when we order kebabs in a restaurant in Sweden. The meat – lamb, beef or chicken – is grilled vertically whilst being rotated, and is then scraped off using a sharp knife. Shish means skewer, and this can be meat sandwiched with vegetables or fruit. Meatballs are called köfte, and are made of minced meat mixed with onions and spices. Salt and black pepper go without saying, but in Turkey food is not spiced much, nor strongly. Meat must taste of meat. And be just meat.

"We don't add any binding agents, nor do we include in our kebabs anything allergenic, e.g. gluten, soya or eggs. Good meat is what differentiates us from our competitors," says Önder.